• Slow Green Thing - II

    SLOW GREEN THING - II - Out Now 

    The long awaited second album of dresden's melodic doom pioneers SLOW GREEN THING is now available in 2 limited colored vinyl editions.

  • Mother Engine - Muttermaschine


    This record is nothing less than becoming a classic. Get the first repress of Mother Engine's debut masterpiece.

  • Sojus3000 - ATLAS

    SOJUS3000 - ATLAS - 300 pieces limited white vinyl

    Doom, Prog or Post Metal? Who cares at long as it is that good. SOJUS3000 debut "Atlas" shifts genre borders.

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    18,00 € In Stock
    4-5 days

    Well guys, this is something different. No Stoner, No Doom, not even Rock really, although fully analogue with classic line up of guitar, bass and drums. It makes you move, dance, scream and starts the Friday night roar! PRE-ORDER: Delivery starting at release date 7th Oct 16.

    18,00 €
    4-5 days
    4-5 days
    In Stock
  • Quick view
    15,00 € In Stock
    4-5 days

    Mother Engine - MUTTERMASCHINE (Vinyl - Limited special) 140g high-class vinyl. Exclusive vinyl edition of MOTHER ENGINES excellent debut! New Master! recorded at: TAM records recorded & mixed by: Alexander Tscholakov mastered by: Alexander Tscholakov / TAM records artwork by: Katrin Lehmann written and composed by: MOTHER Engine

    15,00 €
    4-5 days
    4-5 days
    In Stock

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