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Cambrian Explosion - The Moon - 12" Vinyl Record


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The Moon by Cambrian Explosion. This a collaboration release with our friends over @ PINK TANK Records. We decided to split the vinyl fair. We'll have 35 colored each and about 50 black available via our shop.

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17,00 €

300 g

Data sheet

Vinyl Gramm180
Vinyl Size12"
Vinyl Format350g Heavyweight Cover

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We've got a response because of the Cambrian Explosion color issue. As we informed you last week, we got the wrong color for the "moon dust" edition. Instead of the opaque color combination, we got the vinyl in transparent. Because of the long production period which would cause a massiv release delay, we decided to ship the vinyl like we got them.

If you don't want it in this color, please write us an email and we will cancel your order. For sure all canceled orders will get a full payback.

Cheers and sorry, Marek

"Plenty of different sounds, instruments and effects shaped these 5 brilliant songs. Guitar, bass, drums, flute, sitar, organ and synthesizers altered with reverb, delay, wah wah, fuzz, phasers and probably a lot more effects. These guys really paid attention to creating different vibes and ambience and did it completely right. The Moon won’t get boring soon and you will find yourself playing these tracks over and over again."
(More Fuzz)